Your Business Is Like Cutting Your Own Grass – The Grass is Greener!

The technique that one homeowner uses to cut their grass may be very different from their next-door neighbor’s.  Some homeowners take longer to cut the grass and others take a less amount of time to do the job. One might use a hand mower. One might have the funds to own a tractor. For the most part though, the homeowner that puts more care into their lawn and invests more time and effort into removing weeds and dirt will have a better chance of achieving the desired result. 

Think about it. Your small business or startup is no different from cutting your own grass. Let’s say, you are new to the game. Trust me, the first time you cut your own grass, it will not look as beautiful as it will after you learn how to do it properly. The more you do it, the more you will see your practice begin to pay off–less weeds and cleaner edges. Your neighbors will also notice how much you have grown, from being an apprentice to an expert. The same can be said of your startup or small business. There are times when running a small business is rough. These are moments when you feel that you have no idea of what you are doing. Some days, you don’t even know where to start. But, if you hang on, refuse to give up, and reflect upon your mistakes, the more your company will grow from a startup or small business into a thriving corporation.

One thing most people don’t seem to remember is that companies like eBay, Apple, and Amazon were once babies–little startups that faced several challenges just like yours. But these companies hung on, and fought the good fight. They never gave up. They learned how to cut and remove unnecessary weeds and dirt in their way. They cleared the path, allowing them to see the big picture, and removed the obstacles that would have stopped them from reaching their objectives, goals, or milestones. They remained consistent until their startups became some of the largest organizations in the world. No one can build Rome in one day: It takes time to build a successful company. 

The goal of a business owner is not to give up. I have seen many startup owners become frustrated with the process of growing their businesses, throwing in the towel before they reach the finish line. The key to success is to train yourself to remain consistent even during the most difficult times. 

Always try to put your startup or company in a position where it can grow. Often this growth is gradual. What most business owners fail to understand is that the more you grow as a person, the more your business benefits. Because after all, you are the entity; you are the driver behind the wheel. Thus, you need to take measurable time to do a good job and scale the business properly. Kill or weed out any potential threats as soon as possible, before they become a more serious problem which may cost you  time and money. Remember, the longer you take to mow your grass, the taller it will get and the more difficult it will be to treat. More weeds will appear in spots where they are not supposed to, and the harder you will have to work in order to bring your yard back to normal. In other words, if it used to take one hour to cut that grass and do a good job, now it may take more than three hours to bring it back to the way it used to look, because you were too busy removing extra debris and neglected areas. 

Again, all of this related to your startup. You need to monitor it daily and stay on top of it no matter how difficult it may be or how hectic life may become. Even if you can only do a little bit at a time, or even if you have to put it on hold or pause for a short while, it is important to never let your grass grow too tall or die out. Whatever you have to do, maintain it, and keep it alive. Build it brick by brick! You’ll be surprised to see how much doing a little each day can amount to in the long run. Reach out to local small business association offices for aid and networking opportunities. Ask others for help. Do not be afraid to seek out advice from others! Sometimes, being humble is key. We here at LookPrior, wish you the best in your journey. Good luck!