Classified Ads app marketplace


LookPrior Marketplace is about to launch for both Android and iOS. With it will come the first Classified Ads app marketplace that uses video. There will also be other features that will allow you to customize the buying and selling process. On the whole, the app will make buying and selling new and used items easier and clearer. Our hope is to bring increased clarity, trust, and efficiency to the Classified Ads industry.

Similarly, we also hope that everyone goes and exercises their right to vote this November. We are not here to tell you who to vote for. Rather, we are just urging you to get out and vote, whether it be via mail or in person. There is so much going on in our country right now, much of it negative. Voting is a way for us to come together, even if we are not pulling for the same side. It is a way for us as citizens to say, “We care about our country and our community, so we are going to make our voices heard.” And, even if you don’t really prefer either candidate, it is clear that whoever wins this election is going to greatly impact the future of the United States. That isgreat motivation in itself to cast your choice.

The next month is going to be difficult for our country. It seems like we are all being pulled in one million different directions—stretched out until we feel like we are about to break. The chances of yet another controversial moment finding its way into the news are very high. And, when it occurs, there will be even more stress added to what has been a very stressful and trying year. As trite as it may seem, Look Prior cares about this country and the communities in it. We want to see everyone grow, prosper, and succeed. Most of the team has its roots in urban education as public school teachers. That is why we want to create a digital marketplace for buying and selling that works for everyone, and improves upon elements that may be familiar to you from other apps or websites. That is also why we are devoting this post to the idea of voting on November 3rd or before it, via mail-in ballot. Stay safe, and this election day, please participate. Your vote matters.