Seasons and Puzzles: Building Your Startup

Often times, many people think starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur is an easy thing to do. The truth is that building a successful business from scratch or from ground zero is not an easy thing at all. It requires a lot of work, days and nights, to bring a business or startup to the place where you want it to go. In other words, building a successful enterprise or company is not as leisurely as many people think, unless you have all the money in the world. Any great CEO or entrepreneur who started their company can tell you that to build an amazing company on a budget requires an outstanding mind, lots of patience, courage, strength, endurance, focus–and the list goes on and on. 

To start a company successfully, you must be someone who is willing to go the extra mile, or work through all months in a year without the proper seasonal attire; and you must be willing to do it over and over until you break through all the pain and suffering that comes with seeing your plan to its fruition. Look at it this way: there are four seasons in a year and each season is different from the other.  These seasons might be, to your small business, what we know to be “challenges.” A season might be very cold; one rainy and cloudy; one could be temperate and nice; while the last could be incredibly hot. So, as you continue to work on your business or startup, you also need to work on crafting yourself into the person that will navigate the business through all of these seasons because they are inevitable. Often times, many people think that they are ready to take on all the challenges that come with starting a business, only to later discover that they were unprepared. This realization might occur after spending thousands of dollars that could have been saved for a different purpose or for retirement.  

Sometimes, your business may go through a powerful storm or a patch of rough clouds, where you have no idea where to turn to. There are other times where you will have to take the business through tough times that require deep thinking for how to handle the complex issues that have come your way. In some cases, these problems can last for a while before you can get rid of them. However, as you survive the big waves or the rough seasons, you will get to see and enjoy some of the greatest moments of your life. 

The truth is, starting a business is like working on a puzzle with very tiny pieces that never actually ends. The process involves finding the proper place for many parts, one-at-a-time and piece-by-piece. You have to keep working at it, figuring out what the next pieces are, daily. Eventually, you will start to see the big picture. And of course, the more you work at it, the quicker the pieces will fall into place. Similarly, the more patience you will gain in order to tackle the bigger challenges you may face as both a person and business owner. So, do not give up even during a crisis. Be patient! Learn to pause, think, and reflect on how to keep your business alive. Answers will come! Keep searching! You will find the next piece that will give you the courage to continue working on this enormous puzzle called, “My Dream is My Purpose.” Building a successful business is a “lifetime project” that can break, refine and turn you into an amazing and wonderful person that you never thought you could be. The rewards will be greater than what is lost– so, go for it! The world cannot wait to meet and see your new entrepreneurial vision, nor can it wait to see this new version of yourself. Bring your ideas to life. Here at LookPrior, we encourage you to follow through with your dream and to change the world around you for the better.