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LookPrior Marketplace’s Paid to Post Contest

LookPrior Marketplace is a new classified ads app available now on Android and iOS. With it, you can post ads for both items and services. In addition, LookPrior is the first app of its kind to utilize video, allowing buyers and sellers clarity when swapping items and making deals. For example, you no longer have to worry whether or not the TV you want to buy actually turns on, because you’ve already seen the clip of it working!

Video also lets general contractors, real estate agents, car salesman, car detailers and other service providers showcase exactly what they are selling, so users know exactly what they are getting before they buy. Users or business owners can post free ad listings and utilize customizable features that will enhance ads and bring more attention to them.

The LookPrior Marketplace team is made up of students and educators, past and present. They know the difficulty of going to school and trying to earn money at the same time. As a result, in celebration of the release of the app, LookPrior Marketplace is announcing its “Paid to Post Contest” for students in the tri-state area. There are a few specifics, but in general, the idea is that whichever user uploads the most ads by the end of March will win one thousand dollars cash!

Again, there are some basic rules that can be found on our website at lookprior.com—but overall, that’s it! Upload the most items for sale over the course of the next three months and win one thousand dollars, cash! Help us put LookPrior Marketplace on the map by filling it with cool, useful, and sellable items—and we’ll help you by paying you! Need a thousand bucks? Download LookPrior Marketplace and start posting today!

Please contact us at studentcontest@about.lookprior.com with any questions or concerns. Good luck!