Car Delears

LookPrior Marketplace and Selling Automobiles

Car salesmen get a bad rap. Stereotypically, they are known as untrustworthy people that are trying to fool customers into paying more than they should. The reality of the situation is that like any business, selling used cars is difficult, complex, and often a bit unpredictable.  Add in expensive upkeep costs and licensing fees, and one finds that many car dealerships have to really hustle in order to even break even.

LookPrior Marketplace is a new classified ads app for iOS and Android. It improves upon many of the features that other marketplace apps like Craigslist already utilize. Most importantly, LookPrior Marketplace allows users to upload videos of the products and services that they are trying to sell, instead of just images.

When I was first brought on to the LookPrior team, the automobile industry was probably the area that I thought could benefit the most from using the app. Let’s consider this hypothetical situation:

You want to sell a car, or maybe even multiple cars. You post images of them on the internet but they don’t tell the whole story. You want to show possible customers how well this one runs, and how smooth that one sounds when you are driving. Maybe you want to show off that sweet touchscreen navigation system installed in the newest SUV that you have for sale. If you were using LookPrior, you could post videos to demonstrate—so customers know what they are getting before they come to your lot.

LookPrior Marketplace also has other features such as upgradeable storage space and the ability to bring more attention to your ads. If you have multiple automobiles to sell, you can upload videos of all of them, and make them the top ads in the area.

Other aspects of LookPrior that could be helpful are the messaging feature and the ability to post your ad in multiple locations. Instead of sending emails back and forth, like you might on Craigslist, you can just instant message! Instead of reaching only one city, reach multiple (and maybe pay someone to deliver the car or just drive it over yourself).

In short, LookPrior Marketplace can be a valuable tool to sell a new or used car—or any vehicle for that matter. Be it a boat, motorcycle, or RV, LookPrior can help. LookPrior is bringing clarity and trust to marketplace apps. Utilize this new tool and reach even more potential customers!