LookPrior Marketplace and Real Estate

I’m not a realtor. Nor do I have any real estate to sell. One day I will, but I’m not quite there yet… life’s a climb and I’m mid-way up the ladder,ya know? And, while even though I might not be a realtor, and, even though I might not have any real estate to sell, I can say this with confidence: LookPrior Marketplace can be a wonderful tool for finding a renter or a buyer for your property.

I can only imagine the pride and excitement that comes with selling a home. Also, I can only imagine the time, effort, and work it takes to bring that sale to fruition.You do as much as you can to make the place look hospitable and desirable. You do as much as you can to get the word out and to advertise.

Let’s consider a hypothetical situation: You have a home for sale or an apartment for rent. Because of the pandemic, however, you don’t want a bunch of potential buyers coming into a confined space. Similarly, they aren’t too keen on visiting, either. You post a bunch of images to different websites but they just aren’t generating the type of attention you want, and people still don’t know who you are because they haven’t met you in person.

LookPrior is a new classified ads marketplace. Using LookPrior, you could post free ad listings and upload videos of the properties that you have for sale. These videos could serve as digital tours. Not only would these clips show off your property, but they would also allow you to show off your personality a little bit too,helping to develop that familiarity that all good business relationships require.Zillow, for instance, also has a “virtual tour” feature as well, but an extra app is required to view those videos and many users don’t even know that the app, and consequently the feature, even exists.

LookPrior lets you record videos and images onto the app, live, so you don’t have to film and then upload content. A local realtor explained to me,that this featurealone would save her tons of time and aggravation. Similarly, LookPrior’s messaging capabilities could helpeliminate much of the unnecessary formality that comes with emailing back and forth.

In short, LookPrior and its communicative features present the opportunity for efficiency, and for potential buyers to become familiar with you as they look for someone to trust during what is possibly the most important financial decision of their lives. You could even secure a spot as the top ad in the area for the amount of time of your choosing, and add website links to any other properties you might be selling.

All signs indicate that the housing market in Philadelphia is still hot, despite the pandemic. This is because of low interest rates and the amount of millennials that are moving into the city. If you have a house for sale, capitalize by creatinga LookPrior Marketplace account. It is a great way to make your property known. And, while I might not have real estate to sell— you do—and LookPrior can help!