Repair companies on LookPrior marketplace

LookPrior and Home Remodeling Services

LookPrior Marketplace is the first Classified Ads app with a video component. This means that instead of just posting pictures, you can also post videos of the products you want to sell. This also means that you can post videos of the services that you offer or the type of work that you do.

If you are a painter, contractor, or home remodeler, LookPrior is a great platform to promote your business. “Before and After” pictures are one thing—but a video collection of the different work you’ve done or the services that you offer—that brings advertising your business to a whole new level. Imagine how much more you can show potential customers!

An article on databox.com titled “Videos vs. Images: Which Drives More Engagement From Facebook Ads?” from last year asked 26 business owners and content creators area about the differences between using images and videos when advertising. A majority of those interviewed said that they preferred using video advertisements, with one marketing expert suggesting that short videos less than a minute long “tend to work better” when it comes to generating interest. Another remarked that videos give you “extra time” to grab the viewer’s interest.

Use LookPrior to create a digital portfolio for your work, without the hassle of creating or paying for a website. Post a brief video introducing yourself so customers can become more familiar with you. Show them what it will look like before and after you come to paint their walls, or arrive to remodel their bathroom. Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, many people have become weary of letting strangers into their homes—even to do necessary work. Give them the comfort that they are paying for safe, professional, and quality service by posting on LookPrior Marketplace!