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What can LookPrior do for your flower business?

LookPrior is the answer to modern flower business challenges. We can potentially edge your venture and help you touch new levels of sales. Establishing a digital business is a matter of a few taps with LookPrior.

  • Not many flower businesses are online. LookPrior can digitize your business and help you lead the industry
  • More customers can know your brand exists and place an order
  • Use our online platform to promote your floral products before leads and potential customers

Become More Visible, Grab Opportunities

Do your potential buyers know you exist? It’s time to establish your presence by joining the largest flower marketplace. LookPrior helps your business appear before thousands of online buyers and grab all opportunities.

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Simple to Use, Effective, and Convenient

Listing and classifying flowers on LookPrior is simple. It’s a new-age platform and offers a gamut of features to take your business to the next level.


Everything You Need to Take Your Business to the Next Level.

Your listings don’t just stay on your website. We make sure they’re viewed by thousands of customers every day. You plant the seed and we make sure it has the right conditions to grow.

Join LookPrior.

Go Digital.

Launch a Successful Business

LookPrior is the ultimate marketplace for florists. We have curated a dedicated online platform for flower businesses to showcase their craft and attract new buyers within minutes.

Turn on Any Devices

Track your listings and communicate with your buyers using any device from anywhere. LookPrior has web and mobile apps to ensure you never miss out on any opportunity.

Videos are proven to

Build shopper confidence and increase engagement

Improve your search rankings

Drive more leads and generate new customers

Make Customer Service Your Unique Selling Point

lower shops that reply on time and answer customer queries have the highest engagements. Using LookPrior marketplace, you can rely on in-built chats and calls to deliver optimum customer services.


Plant the seed of your online flower shop on LookPrior. Our marketplace features will nurture it as it grows!

With LookPrior, you’ll have all the fuel you need to get you to your next destination.

The Classic LookPrior Features

We have personalized the flower marketplace for you. Our elite set of features help you establish a robust web presence through advanced services like:

  • Logo design

  • Marketing

  • Website design

LookPrior is the optimum platform to launch and grow your online flower business. Join LookPrior and enjoy optimum growth and visibility.

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