5 Critical Mistakes You’re Making During The Hiring Process For Your Next Great Sales Executive

Finding the right fit for your team is tough. Everyone knows that. If it was easy, there wouldn’t be a whole industry built on connecting employers to job seekers. The process is especially difficult during a world pandemic when communication and bottom lines are strained. The benefit of speaking with candidates face to face has been largely eliminated, and the futures of positions and entire companies have all of the sudden become uncertain. Despite these very real issues, it is also possible that you are committing some errors during the hiring process. If you find yourself having a hard time finding your next hire, perhaps you are falling into one of the pitfalls listed below. Avoid them and you will have your next great sales executive in no time!

Finding Your Next Great Employee

Again, it might seem like a challenge in finding your next great sales executive. Certainly, with the way face to face meetings are tougher to have these days, the task is even more difficult. But, as stated before, there are definitely ways to overcome this challenge. It might be hard to admit that we are making mistakes, especially when it comes to our job and our companies. But, chances are that if you are having a hard time finding your next great employee, then you are committing one of the errors below. Be honest, reflect, and avoid these mistakes as you move forward and search for your next great sales executive.    

Critical Mistakes You Are Making:

-You are looking for too much experience

Everyone wants a highly experienced candidate, but they hold a lot of leverage, are expensive, and might be less hungry than a newer candidate. Don’t underestimate potential employees right out of college, who are enthusiastically read to prove themselves while also acknowledging that they will need to take direction from those with more experience. 

You are not advertising the position correctly

Spend a few extra dollars to advertise the listing on the major sites and try to make the position sound as growth oriented and supportive as possible. People want to earn a quality living but they also want to feel like they matter and like they belong. That feeling of belonging will attract the truly passionate candidates who value more than just a paycheck. 

You are not networking amongst people that you know 

Job seekers are told to network but candidate seekers can network also. Talk to people that you trust and consult with reliable employees who might know the perfect person. Ask around and you might be surprised with who is available in the job market!

Your company doesn’t appear legitimate on social media or through your website

It’s very likely that a candidate’s first impression of your business will be a digital one. Put your best foot forward and invest the time and energy to make sure that impression is excellent! This is all even more important when considering the global pandemic, as people are working from home and relying on screens more than ever before.

-You aren’t offering a high enough salary

This one goes without saying. It’s obvious but a more competitive salary will attract higher quality candidates. 

Money is definitely tighter these days but it is also a sign of respect. If you are having a hard time finding your next great sales executive, ask yourself “Does this look like a company I’d want to work for?” “Am I making my business seem like a place where someone can grow their career? A fair salary, and honest answers to these questions will undoubtedly attract the type of candidate that you want. And, if it doesn’t, it is possible that the circumstances in our world right now are derailing a development that will inevitably occur. Everything will be easier once things return to something closer to normal. 

What Makes A Sales Executive Great

It might seem like a nuisance to groom a new hire, or feel that “we shouldn’t have to do it” because we are paying someone to do a job. Remember though, that everyone needs guidance. This includes even the most talented of athletes, artists, or sales executives.  If you are in charge of hiring someone, remember that person needs to be molded and trained into the type of employee that you want them to be. Now, they need to have the right mindset and attitude to receive that information—but whether or not they do so is one the reasons the hiring process exists. 

Despite what we may think, nobody is ever great on their own. Greatness is often a team effort. Jordan had Pippen. Brady had Belichick. Shaq had Kobe. When making an individual hire, don’t underestimate the importance of the team that already exists. They are going to support this person and guide them towards becoming a quality employee and your next great sales executive!