Frauds, Trust, and Safety

     LookPrior safety tips 

General safety tips 

1.    Avoid sharing your contact information with others on the LookPrior app.

2.    Use the LookPrior app to communicate with sellers and potential buyers. We cannot support you if the communication happens out of our app and something goes wrong.

3.    Avoid sharing confidential information in the public Q&A section. 

For sellers: 

1.    Get a proof of posting if both the deal partners choose shipping services

2.    Click pictures of your packaged product before dispatch to keep off irrelevant claims.

3.    Ensure that you receive the payment before dispatching the product from your end. 

For buyers: 

1.    Ensure that you ask all questions in the Q&A section.

2.    Make an offer only when you are 100% ready to buy the products

3.    Check the item carefully before paying the sellers.

4.    Get authenticity proof if you are buying a precious article on LookPrior. 

     Selling safely on LookPrior

Decide a safe location to meet the buyer. Hand over the product to them only when you have received the payment from the deal partner. 

     Buying safely on LookPrior

Meet the seller in a safe place and inspect the product carefully. Pay them only when you are 100% satisfied with the product and find no discrepancy in the item. 

     Safety against frauds

Remember the following safety measures to avoid any online fraud on LookPrior:

     Talk to other users using the LookPrior app: We cannot look into the matter if your communication happens elsewhere. So, stay on the safe side by talking to other users via our app.

     Don’t share your confidential information.

     Say no to unsafe payment methods: We offer no guarantee if your transactions occur through any online media. You can collect cash if online methods seem fraudulent to you.

     Be careful from too-good-to-be-true prices: Higher-than-market rates can be misleading. Be careful and flag such ads immediately. Our team will investigate the products soon.

     Close the deal when you are satisfied with the product: Don’t close a deal if you haven’t received the correct product or complete payment.

     No need to pay a deposit: Pay only for the product after you have seen it and feel satisfied with your purchase.

     Use tracked delivery for shipping: If you decide to ship the items, you can choose a tracked delivery to trace the consignment locations at all times.