Guidelines & Rules

     Our community guidelines

LookPrior aims to create a healthy and safe marketplace for everyone. So, we lay out a few guidelines for you to follow and help us make the online ecosystem better for all users, buyers and sellers. 

Important! We might restrict your account if you violate our guidelines and rules. Also, we can ban your account permanently if you disobey our guidelines repeatedly despite successive notifications. 


     Categorize your product to make it more navigable and easy to find for buyers.

     Pay attention to product description and write it well. It will give your buyers more clarity and avoid multiple questions.

     We welcome you to sell ready-to-be-collected products on LookPrior. You cannot sell items that you don’t have or will have in the future.

     Click pictures of your product and upload them on LookPrior. Don’t use general product images available on the Internet.

     Ensure that your product is 100% free if you list it for free on LookPrior.

     Don’t promote your products in the Q&A section of other products on LookPrior. 


     Have many questions for the seller? Avoid spamming them with multiple messages. Combine all your queries in one message to keep the chat window peaceful and decent.

     Look for the latest seller responses to public questions before approaching them. Moreover, check the last date of the ad update to know if the item is still listed.

     The seller might not be able to reply to your message immediately. So, be patient and considerate when sending them a message.

           Please be kind, fair, honest, and considerate with other users. Enjoy using LookPrior! 

     Prohibited products on LookPrior

You cannot upload and list legally prohibited products on LookPrior. Also, we don’t allow selling anything regulated by law or which can’t be sold to all age groups. Moreover, you cannot sell living beings and edible items on LookPrior. 

The products you cannot sell on LookPrior are (but not limited to): 

a.    Items symbolizing or belonging to unconstituitional organizations like a Nazi souvenir. 

b.    Items that you don’t have currently. 

c.    Edible and perishable products 

d.    Animals

     Listing, selling and buying all types of living animals is recommended or allowed. However, you can help an animal find a new home. Your listing price should be as low as possible.

     You cannot sell dead animals, their remains, or products obtained by killing them (e.g., musk, fur, skin, etc.) 

e.    Counterfeit

     Fake copies of goods and brands

     Counterfeit money and storage media

     Video & audio bootlegs 

f.     Narcotics, alcohol, and tobacco products




     Cigarettes and E-cigarettes

     Alcoholic beverages 

g.    Medical products


     Pregnancy test kit

     Ovulation tests


     Contact lenses 

h.    Weapons 

     Paintball guns


     Small arms

     Stun guns

     Throwing weapons

     Pepper spray



     Decorative weapons

     Melee weapons 

i.     Sexual products and content

     Sex toys



j.     Others

     Pirated software

     Locked electronic devices (cellphones, laptops, etc.)

     eWallets and digital payment gateways

     Digital accounts

     Expensive vouchers

     Cold drink fridges

     Uniforms and their components

     Badges or identification cards, documents, and papers

     Ads with a reference to external website, app, shop, or owner

     Lottery and gambling listings

     Multi-level, affiliate, and referral marketing

     Juvenile job offers

     Listings revealing a fee-based contact number

     Social handle selling, listings for follower and engagement increase on a social network

     Ads with erotic and sexual content

     Misleading or irrelevant pictures

     Products without a reasonable price

     Morality and legal violations 

     How to report prohibited products?

You can report any product if you find them violating our prohibited product guidelines. 

You can check our list of prohibited products to see if they are allowed to be sold on LookPrior. 

Follow the below path to report a prohibited product: 

Tap the ad -> Click on the flag button on the top-right corner -> Confirm 

Thanks for making our marketplace safer and healthier. 

     How to report an ad?

If you find an ad that violates our community guidelines, you can inform us and our team will take necessary steps. 

Follow the path to report an ad:

Tap the ad -> Click on the flag button on the top-right corner -> Confirm 

Thanks for making our marketplace safer and healthier. 

     LookPrior counterfeit management

Selling a counterfeit, illegal, or strictly regulated item is prohibited on LookPrior. 

We’ll deactivate your ad and restrict your account if we find your product to be a counterfeit. You can send us proofs stating the genuineness of your product if you think we made a mistake. We’ll investigate the matter and inform you wherever required. 

Also, we might suspend your account if you keep listing prohibited goods on LookPrior. LookPrior has the right to block your account permanently if such incidents happen more frequently from your account than they should.