Getting Started


     What is LookPrior?

LookPrior is an online classifieds platform. It encourages sellers to list electronics, fashion accessories, property, and everything
else, sell them, and earn money. Enjoy these features for free!

Join us to shop for amazing products online! 

     Is using LookPrior free?

LookPrior is absolutely free! Sellers can join our platform and list their products without paying anything. 

     LookPrior communication guidelines

We value your privacy. So, we encrypt your in-app chats with the sellers or buyers, and ensure no one can read them, not even us. 

Below are a few communication tips for a smooth deal. 

     Ask questions before buying a product online.

     Use a single message and combine multiple questions in one place for the sellers. Our app sorts your
conversations under two separate headings.

Selling vs. Buying

When you click on “My Messages,” you should see your conversations are divided under either Selling or Buying.

      Under Selling, you will see all the conversations you have regarding the products people want to buy from you. That way, it is very easy for you to find and communicate with potential buyers. You can click on the person you want to
resume a communication with easily.

      Under Buying, you will see all the chat you have with 

     Give time for the other user to reply to your messages. Wait patiently!

     Give reasonable offers to your sellers. 

LookPrior is a people-for-people platform. So, be polite, gentle, and considerate with other users. 

     How to buy using LookPrior?

Thousands of products on LookPrior are waiting for a new home. Buy them now! 


You can use the LookPrior homepage to find numerous listing categories and navigate to the desired product. 


     Once you find a desired product with the perfect pricing, you can click on the “Contact Seller” button to
communicate with the seller.

     The product seller will share the further details with you via the in-app chat once you fix the deal.

     Want to collect the product yourself? Your seller will inform you with the next steps. 


Do you want to share your purchase experience? Give your valuable feedback by going to the side bar menu and click on “Feedback.” We’d love to hear from you. You can also share your LookPrior experience with others! And don’t forget to rate us on the app stores. 

     How to sell on LookPrior?

Listing and selling products on LookPrior is a matter of a few taps! 


Use the ‘Post New Listing’ option in the LookPrior app or the side bar menu to list your products on our platform. You can also click on the + button to post your listing. 

Promote Your Listings

We’ve made it very easy and affordable to promote your listing or business. You can feature all your ads at once or just the ones
you’d like to upgrade to appear before a wider audience.


     After your buyer fixes the deal, you can ask for their address for product shipping purposes.

     You can ask the buyer to collect the product from your location. Mutually decide a date and time to catch up and let
them collect the product.


Rate us and share your selling experience using LookPrior with others! 

     What are the advantages of Featured products?

LookPrior has no fee for product ad posting. Free product listing has a limited reach. So, it might be challenging to get buyers in
certain areas. However, you spend some money (like $3.99 for 3 days) to get your product Featured and display it on the top of the LookPrior marketplace.