Finding a Product

     How to search for products?

You can either use the search bar to find a product or tap on a specific category on the homepage to browse listings. 

Also, you can tap the locations button next to the search bar on the home screen to browse products according to various categories and locations (use the map to pinpoint your location). 

     How to report prohibited listings?

You can always flag and report a prohibited product listed on LookPrior. Let us know about inappropriate ads at the earliest to enable us to take proper actions on time. 

     Tap the LookPrior ad you want to report.

     Click the flag button on the top right corner of your screen.

     Confirm ‘Yes’ 

Thank you for helping us maintain the integrity of our platform! 

     How to add ads to My Favorite?

You can tap the LookPrior ad and select the heart button on the top right corner of your screen to add the product to your Favorite list. 

You can click on the love button on the footer menu of the home screen. Now, select the Favorite button to view all your favorite ads in one place. 

     How to use the LookPrior’s Favorite option?

Did you find an interesting ad and want to visit it again? Mark it as your ‘Favorite’ to find the product easily whenever you want next

You can select the heart button besides a product listing to add it into your Favorite list. 

You can tap the heart button on the footer menu of the app home screen and click on the Favorite option in the new pane to view all your added products in one place. 

Featured products

     Advantages of ‘Featured’ products

You can post product ads for free on LookPrior. However, they might have lower visibility before the audiences. So, you can upgrade your ads and mark your products as Featured to display the listings at the top of the home page. 

LookPrior has advanced video storage upgrades. Typically, you get 1 GB free to post your product videos and posts on LookPrior. We offer premium membership of $3, $5, $8, $12, and $15 to get higher video storage on LookPrior and sell products more vigorously. 

     Transferring ‘Featured’ payment

We’ve made it easy for you to transfer your remaining payment from one listing to any other ad or listing whether you sell your item on the first day or because you want to. All you have to do is:

1.    Tap on the featured ad you want to update 

2.    Click the Edit button on the top right corner.

3.    Remove the image and videos.

4.    Add the new images and videos and for the ad you want to use your remaining balance for.

5.    Click next.

6.    Edit the Ad title, price, description, category and location.

7.    Update Ad. Then your new listing should be running under the same featured plan until it expires. 

     How to get a refund on premium membership payment?

No, you cannot get a refund on the premium membership payment.


     Can’t see an offer or message

You might have received an offer or message notification, but you cannot view it due to the following reasons. 

     The other LookPrior user has probably removed it.

     Team LookPrior has removed them to protect you from spammers or suspicious buyers/sellers. 

We delete the messages or offers if they violate our community guidelines or have something inappropriate that might harm you. Our team will take actions on such users and you don’t need to worry about anything. You can read these messages in your email inbox. 

However, we don’t advise you to approach such users personally. We cannot take any action against such LookPrior users if the
communication happens outside our platform.

     Questions on private offers

You can make a counter offer to every offer made by the others. Furthermore, you can include your answers in the note section and communicate with your potential buyers. 


     Is the product available?

The product is available if the ad remains available on our platform. However, you can drop a message to sellers and ask about the product’s status if the ad is old and you suspect the item might not be available. 

Did you find an unavailable product? Flag it and inform us immediately! 

     Buying or renting a property

You need to commit financially before buying or renting a property. Prepare yourself for home renovations, tax payment, and bill
clearance when diving into property deals.

Remember these points for optimum safety.

     Don’t pay the seller until you view the property in person.

     Ask the seller to add a video of the property so you can see it beforehand.

     Thoroughly investigate the property for damages and make the seller aware on time.

Finalize the deal with official and well-formatted deals with the seller.