Delivery & Returns

Packing your product

Ensuring that your item reaches the buyer safely is simple. You can follow these guidelines for seamless product shipping. 

     Go for a box or padded envelope to contain the product precisely.

     Fill the gaps in your box with bubble wrap, shredded paper, or newspaper to add an extra protection layer.

     Seal the box with waterproof and strong tape.

     Stick a clear and visible address label on the box for the safest delivery.

     Add a fragile label when shipping a delicate item like glassware, storage drives, etc. 

Finally, take some package photos before you send them for shipping. You will have a legal edge if anything goes wrong during or after delivery to the destination. 

Product delivery 

Who manages shipping costs?

You will manage all shipping activities, including the charges, when selling a product through LookPrior. The buyer will pay you if he chooses item delivery over collection deals. So, you can discuss the shipping costs with the buyers before shipping the item. 


How to return a purchased product?

You can communicate to the seller to return a purchased product whenever needed. It’s better to discuss return policy with the seller before buying a product on LookPrior.