Data & Location

     Data protection

Our Privacy Policy now includes regulations mentioned under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It’s a guideline and compliance rule laid by the EU for users to know about and control how their platforms use their private data. 

1.   Right of access:

You have the right to know about your data with us. Just drop
a request to us under Privacy settings to view the copy of your data at our
end. We will take some processing time and share a detailed resource with you
in some time.

2.   Right to data portability:

We can share an easy-to-read data usage report with you.
Also, you can transfer it. All you need is to submit a request to us and we’ll
share the resource with you in some time.

     Why does LookPrior needs my location?

We use your location to precisely show listed items near your
location. Your buyers need your location to directly collect products from you.
So, location is an essential aspect in our app.

Choose a nearby prominent landmark when selecting your
address on our app. It helps buyers know your location if they don’t have an
idea about the street name. However, our efficient GPS system will pinpoint
your location accurately.

Important! We don’t share your exact location to
other LookPrior users, only an approximate region.

Can’t update your location on LookPrior? Here are some

     Turn off and on your GPS

     Open Google Maps to check if the
detected location is correct

     Open the LookPrior app.

     Problem still persists? Try turning
your device off and on.

     Finally, uninstall and reinstall the
LookPrior app and check its working.