LookPrior Account & Settings

Sign Up and Sign In 

     Creating a LookPrior account 

Welcome to LookPrior! 

To create an account, follow the steps below:

1.    Download and install the LookPrior app

2.    Open it and allow all permissions.

3.    Click on the sidebar menu icon.

4.    Tap on your profile

5.    Fill in the details and give a password.

6.    Confirm

7.    We’ll send a verification mail to your mentioned email. You can open your mail inbox and verify your account.

8.    Re-login into your account on LookPrior using the aforesaid credentials to enjoy the platform. 

     Age limit to use LookPrior

There are no age restrictions to use LookPrior. However, we prefer users above 18 years of age on our platform. You can join LookPrior if you are above 14 years of age and have your guardian’s permission. 

     Forgot password?

You cannot log into your LookPrior account if you use a wrong password or forget the credentials. 

If you are logged into your account, but cannot remember your password:

You can always change your existing password if you are logged into your LookPrior account. Here’s the path to do so:

Tap on your profile on the footer menu -> Tap on the top-right 3 dots -> Select Change Password -> Enter the Password Recovery as your Old Password -> Give a new password -> Click Update Password 

If you aren’t logged in:

1.    Tap ‘Forgot Password’ on the logging screen after opening the LookPrior app.

2.    We’ll send you a new password on the given email address.

3.    Use the temporary password to log into your account.

4.    Once you log in, change the password to your desired one by following the above path. 

     Login errors

Login errors occur if you use the wrong email address or password. You can check the email address for a smooth login process. Also, you can tap on the ‘Forgot Password’ option if you can’t remember it. 

Still can’t login? Contact us. 

     Account creation errors

We are sorry to hear that you are facing account creation problems on LookPrior. You can drop us a message and we will try our best to solve your concerns. 

     Log out of LookPrior

Click on your profile icon on the footer menu and tap the three dots on the top-right corner. Now, select the ‘Logout’ option to log out of your account. 

     Apple ID registration error

We don’t have an Apple ID registration option presently.