A Very Happy Holidays from LookPrior Marketplace

For many reasons, the 2020 holiday season is going to be unlike any that we have experienced before. We here at LookPrior want to wish you and your family a safe and warm holiday this year. Hopefully, the quarantining will all be over quickly and we will be able to resume our normal lives.

            If you have not heard of us yet, or even if you have, LookPrior Marketplace is the newest Classified Ads app, now available for both Android and iOS. You can post items for sale, post job listings, upload apartments for rent, and buy or sell really anything you can think of. LookPrior is also the first app of its kind to use video, allowing for further clarity when buying and selling. For example, imagine you want to buy a TV but aren’t sure if it actually works. With LookPrior Marketplace, sellers can upload videos of the TV functioning properly so purchasers actually know what they are getting, before they buy. 

            The app also has many other features that make buying and selling easier and clearer than it has ever has been. For example, you can give your ad extra attention by bringing it to the top of its category, you can post to multiple cities at the same time, and you can upgrade storage space on your account if you want to include lengthy videos in your ads.

            LookPrior Marketplace also presents a great opportunity to make some extra money this holiday season. Do you have anything you want to get rid of that someone might want to buy? Do you have anything hanging around the house or the apartment that you just don’t need anymore? Post an ad on LookPrior! Also, don’t forget that LookPrior is a great place for entrepreneurs and small business owners to showcase their items and services. Using the video feature, you can really show off what you have for sale.

            In the spirit of the holidays, LookPrior is also giving away one thousand dollars in cash. “The Paid to Post Contest” is an opportunity to win a grand! Simply post the most ads to the app by the end of March 2021 and win one thousand dollars. There a few rules, but for the most part, it’s that simple! Please visit lookprior.com for more information.

            Again, this holiday season is going to be different.  LookPrior Marketplace encourages you to download our app and check it out, especially if you want to make a few extra dollars. This winter might not be what we are used to, but try to find something to be thankful for and something to be grateful for. If we get to spend time with loved ones only virtually, then so be it. At the end of the day, it is about staying safe and healthy. Again, here at LookPrior Marketplace, we wish a very happy holidays to you and your family!